Covid-19 Blues

No one in their wildest dreams would believe that we would be in this nightmare called Covid-19.  My family like many families all over this country have lost someone to this devastating virus.  We are locked in our homes, praying that this will all be over, but there is no end in sight.

I like many people have made homemade masks for our families.  Many have volunteered their sewing skills to making masks for hospital workers and doctors.  Nursing homes have been the most hit with this virus.  Although a vaccine is being tested, it will not be available to the public for many months.  We are encouraged to wear masks when venturing out in our state.  We are to stay 6 feet apart when shopping or around other people.  This is our new reality and for some, it is very hard.  If you have elderly relatives that are in need of your care, this can be very inconvenient.  This virus is especially fatal to the elderly.  Nursing homes have suffered thousands of deaths and many are diagnosed with the virus.

The other concern is mental health; Covid-19 is causing anxiety and depression in many who are isolated alone without the comfort of friends and family.  During this period of isolation and shut-in, many people are creating ways to keep in touch.  With the technology of webcam and phone cameras, audio video communications have taken precedence for the lack of personal interacting.  So many family members are dying quickly and mentally it is taking a toll on everyone.  I lost my beloved stepfather just months from losing my father from bone cancer.  My stepfather was scheduled to come home when covid-19 caused complications.  He was 82 years old and was being cared for at a hospital rehab center for colon surgery.  Most dying from this virus are those with pre-existing illnesses.

Each day brings more heartbreak and uncertainty.  The only thing that we can do at this time, is wear our masks and gloves, and remember to wash our hands thoroughly.   Remember to keep distance and care around elderly people.

For more information on the corona virus, click here, to keep abreast.


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