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All Dogs go to Heaven*

My best friend, Foxy Cox

This year has been a very sad one for many, but it has been especially grievous for me. My best friend and companion passed away on August 18, 2020 from cancer. Foxy was a beautiful and sweet mix Pomeranian that loved to ride in my car and take long walks. Recently, before her death, she was pushed in her pet carrier to her favorite places. I live in Clinton Township Michigan in a beautiful apartment complex surrounded by rolling green hills and land. Foxy had the best times when she could roll in the grass and bark at the other dogs. She lived with two cats, one that also passed away with congested heart failure. All of my past pets lived to be 18 to 23 years old. Foxy passed away at the ripe old dog age of 18 years old and my cat, Lady, died at the old age of 23 years old.

Foxy loved Lady and she loved her. They are both survived by my youngest cat, Autumn, a Maine Coon.

She originally belonged to my grandmother until she passed at 97 years old in July 2014. With the death of my father and stepfather this year, it has been very hard. My dad loved Foxy and she was always so happy to see him. Foxy was a very frisky and happy dog and she easily took to children and cats. It took a little while for her to grow on other dogs, but eventually she did. Foxy was surrounded in a apartment community of dogs. So she was able to see and get to know one or two of them. But she bonded with me and we were inseparable. I adopted Foxy from the Detroit Anti-Cruelty Shelter in Detroit Michigan two weeks before Christmas of 2005 after the passing of my girl, Muppet, a mixed Terrier.

She too passed away in my arms with congestive heart failure at the age of 22 years.

All of my pets have been either strays or shelter adopted. I loved all of my pets that are no longer with me. Foxy was only the latest and she is greatly missed. I would love that all homeless pets have a loving forever home as my pets have had. So I choose to donate to the animal shelters and rescue services for animals. I am especially grateful to the Michigan Humane Society of Rochester Hills Michigan for the kindness and compassion shown to me and Foxy at the end of her life. She was put to sleep by them, but before they decided to do so, they allowed me the privilege to make peace with my girl Foxy for one more day. As I held my dog in my arm in bed, I knew that this would be the last time. I took her with me the next day to have my laptop repaired. Before the afternoon was over, Foxy started shutting down and I knew that she was not going home again with me. I quickly contacted the doctor and said that it was time and I was resigned to give my baby girl rest.

It was very hard, but I could not bare any longer to see my dog suffer anymore. Foxy could no longer hold her head up and her legs were completely lame. She could not stand and she was breathing irregularly. The staff assistant came outside with a blanket and I kissed and said my last good-byes to my best friend and companion. Foxy left my side for the first and last time. She will be forever loved and missed.




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