Summer Gone So Soon

So soon is the summer leaving us. This is the first summer that I did not go swimming, a past-time that I truly love. I think that the Covid virus has taken a toll on me. No, not my health, but my mental and well-being. This has been the saddest and unfortunate summer for everyone. I lost two beloved pets, my dog, Foxy and my cat, Lady, to devastating diseases of cancer and congestive heart failure. Although they were both very old, nevertheless, their deaths left me empty and grieving. I still have one cat, but she knows that things are not the same. Autumn lived with two other pets and now it is just her and myself. I have been more attentive to her and she to me since the others are gone.

The Swimming pools I usually swim in at home in the summer

My father and step-father also passed from diseases. My step-father died from the coronavirus and my dad, from bone cancer. My sweet nephew, buried his pet guinea pig who also died of old age. Yes. this has been the worst summer and year that I have ever experienced. The swimming pools were not crowded this year, far from the photo that was taken last summer, because everyone is effected by this god-forsaken virus. I miss seeing my neighbor tenants walking their pets in the evening. Everyone is in after dark. We live in a beautiful apartment complex in the rural-suburbs of Macomb county in Michigan. It is so strange to see my neighbors not walking or sitting on their patios and balcony after dark.

The summer was very hot this year and we have had more blue skies than we have had for the past 3 years in Michigan. It truly has been a lovely summer. But we can feel the havoc that this virus has taken on all of us. I plan to get another dog soon, but I will always remember the pain of Summer 2020. I spent more time sitting on my patio looking out on the pond than going to the pool. As I said, I have not swam at all this year. My spirit was just not up to it. Ever since I moved here, since November 2014, I looked forward to summer to swim in the 3 pools. This is a large apartment complex with over 2000 tenants. I looked forward to evening walks with my dog and sitting outside of the apartment guest house watching others swim. It is so nice watching the swans, geese and ducks swim around the ponds. And there are large bass in these ponds too. My neighbors are seen fishing. You see we have large ponds outside of our patio doors, so we can fish anytime we want without even leaving our homes. How great is that? But I only saw one or two of my neighbors sitting along the banks fishing this year. Yes. This was a beautiful summer as far as the weather, but a gloomy one otherwise.

I miss my dad and I really need to go see my mom, wearing a mask of course, since my mom is 82 years young. She does not look or act her age, but precaution is needed in this age of Covid-19. I miss my cousins, some who have passed away this year from illnesses other than Covid. I hope and pray that we will see better days. But I will concentrate on adopting another dog to give both me and my cat company and love. Be well, family!


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