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Computer problems can be a headache; what can you do?

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Computer got you down? Or is the computer down? We all have these moments just when you need it, your computer crashes. For all the money we spend on technology, we wish our devices would last forever. But that’s just wishful thinking and nothing lasts forever. Heck, iron wears out, as my grandmother used to say.

The first thing I learned from purchasing computers for years, they eventually will need repair or replacing. That’s why I recommend buying 2-3 years of warranty, because computer repairs can be expensive. Sometimes, it can be more than what you paid for the device, making it better to buy a new one. Most warranties cover the costs of very important parts of the computer such as the hard drive, replacing worn parts from normal use. It seems that the hard drive from frequent use, will crash from no cause of your own. Malicious viruses and Trojan horse viruses and hacking can cause the drive to malfunction or crash. Not defragmenting the drive can also cause crashes since it takes longer for the drive to locate the data; scattered data across the drive slows the computer down. Eventually, you get the dreaded blue screen. The digital sign of a dead drive.

Installing a very efficient virus deterrent and cleaner such as Norton virus products and McAfee virus products can help keep most viruses from infecting your computer. Regular de-fragmenting keeps your drive workable. The drive serves as a storage and retrieval mechanism and when it is overloaded, it tends to work harder to find the data you want. The computer then slows up and makes locating the data tedious and a strain on the drive.

To learn more about your computer and how to prevent your system from crashing and protecting it from malware, you can go on YouTube and search for computer techs that deal with this issue daily. They explain clearly how and when your computer should be serviced. Many even give advice and walk you through the process.

If you want to use your computer and the hard drive is workable, you might want to purchase an external hard drive to store and backup your data just in case the main hard drive crashes. This will save you more hassle and your data will be safe. You might consider subscribing to a cloud service that you could store your data and always have access to your data wherever you are. You can also access the data on all of your devices. In fact, this is most convenient for you all the way around. You are able to use your phone as well.

Again, a computer problem is a bummer. I recommend prevention and defragmenting your computer, keep your virus program current and backup your data often.