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Callie Cox

Meet the New Addition to my Family

Meet my girl, Callie Cox. She is a black and white Labrador and she is three years old. She is a sweet girl and she gets along with my cat, Autumn very well. It was not always the case, as Autumn was a little reluctant to accept a new pet. After a week or two, my girls begin to accept that they would be sharing me, so that are great friends and enjoy each other’s company. Callie loves long walks, but do not enjoy going outside when the weather is wet and cold. She is very obedient and affectionate and I love her dearly. She was adopted from the Michigan Humane Society’s outlet, PETCO in Sterling Heights. I encourage you to consider adopting a pet. They are very appreciative of having a loving home. Callie is so grateful to have a new home. She shows me how each day. She is always by my side and she enjoys sharing my bed with me and Autumn.

She enjoys riding in the car and she recently met her canine cousin, Precious, a German Shepherd, inherited by my father to my sister after his passing. Callie was introduced by surprise on Thanksgiving eve to Precious, who we did not think would be pleased. To my sister and my surprise, the two got along like they knew each other forever. Precious a four-year-old German Shepherd usually is not hospital to other dogs. I guess she decided that it was time to cooperate with the other family members. Anyway, Callie is family and she has found her forever home.

Happy Holidays, All!!


Callie at home

Callie has really settled in with me and my cat, Autumn. Autumn has gotten used to her and they get along just fine. She loves my bed and she shares it with me and Autumn.

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