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Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey:

Walking down the long and winding road

Walking in this day of mourning and sorrow seems too daunting a task for our troubled souls. As we continue to live in the shadow of 2020, a year of many strife and loss, we long for relief. I know how this feels, because I and my family have experienced loss and mourning of loved ones. Recently, my family buried my beloved niece, of 40 years old. My niece was a vibrant young woman, daughter, mother, and wife. Unfortunately, she was not the only loss to our family in 2020. We suffered the loss of my father, step-father, two cousins, and two of my pets all in one year.

Covid-19 took the life of my step-father while a fatal car crash took the life of my niece. I know my family is not the only one having a hard time this year, but when it hits home, it is a reality hard to fathom, but yet, we must go on. Listening to the news day by day, it seems like the world is upside down. Conflicts involving race, government dishevel, virus deaths and infections all over the world, exhaust us and sap us the energy to recover. This year is an election year and already we see war clouds; a time in which this country has never seen before. What will this election bring? Will it bring relief and change or more of the same? Are we, the people of these United States going to step up and demand this change or will we decide to go backwards to a time of inequality, financial depression, racial hatred and violence, and hopelessness due to mindless choices made by those in high places?

This is a time of serious reflection and self-evaluation. Covid-19 has left the country with choices that we never expected to make. Our children are not able to attend schools, teachers have to learn how to educate virtually to young children whose attention span is no longer than a 10 minute cartoon and parents have to decide whether to work or stay at home with their children. Despair is heard over the air-waves and people call in blaming one candidate over another for the problems we all are having. They feel that their problems will be solved if we just vote the right person into office. One person cannot change the damage that has been done during this pandemic. But we are hopeful that whomever is elected will have answers to an impossible situation.

As life leads us into unchartered waters, we pray for a ray of sunshine to a time that seems, now, so long ago when things were normal and predictable. Life is hard and many times unfair. Grief has been a constant companion of late, to many. Young people are not confident of their future and wonder if there is one. What can we do to change the path we are on to a path of a new beginning? For a start, we can hold each other’s hand and travel this journey together. Face these obstacles with courage and determination. And when we fall down, pick each other up and continue on until victory is won. I believe that this too will pass and the sun will shine again.

For those who seek refuge through the storm, I suggest that you click on these

links below, there is help for the needy and unemployed.

Also, you will find links to voting information and officials.

Resources during Covid-19

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