The Calm Before the Storm

Happy Days are here again, …?

Is this a new beginning, or is this country celebrating too soon? Yes, the electoral votes show Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the victors. We have exhaled, but how long will this peace last? The previous president, Donald Trump, has not conceded and his administration and the majority Republican senate is in agreement with him. People, we are in a dark time and racism never died. it just laid low. For four long years, this evil system was unleashed upon the African American community. Now, even the Asian community have stated they have been visited by the specter of racism. But their problems were opened to the rest of us, due to the coronavirus. For years, they were referred to as the “Model Minorities”. What a horrible awakening for those of this group to find out that they were just tolerated and just a foot on a ” banana peel” above African Americans. Privilege for minorities are a slippery slope in the eyes of the dominant society.

The outgoing president, set the precedents to what was always there; permission to practice openly “white supremacy” and “white privilege”. He tore the clothes off of an otherwise, proud America, to the truth. America has a sickness, so before we forget, remember, Donald Trump, won 50% of the votes. His followers and supporters are many. Most voted to save “systemic racism” contrary to some repudiating this to say it was about policy. There is no way that we should be celebrating and the man has not been inaugurated yet. Lawsuits are being filed in the courts, his base is storming mad and some of them are out for blood, so we need to be on guard. Congrats to Biden, but don’t get it twisted. This is just the beginning of what may be a long recovery for the United States. Our foreign affairs are in shambles, Americans are standing in long food lines, people are infected with the covid and dying in droves and people are faced with joblessness and evictions. So why are we celebrating? We need to hope for a peaceful transition, because Donald Trump is not going to go peacefully into that good night. If four years of this administration have not taught you anything, you best know that this narcissist is going down kicking and fighting. The world is watching and they are not easily tricked to receive America with open arms. This time they will test the water before they dive in. This is the first time since before World War I, that America was an isolated nation. Our credibility has been badly tarnished during these four years.

Celebrate the moment, but be real, this country has a lot of work ahead and it is not going to be a walk in the park.


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