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With all that is going on around us, family still is the most important.  This is a time when families need to be close.  We need to take care of our elders and children during this horrible age of Covid-19.  With many families suffering economically and the future seems to be bleak, we can still instill love and closeness of family life.  Although, we must practive distancing and wearing of masks, we can look into discovering our past and present by seeking information about our family tree.  There are services that are provided by various sites and organizations.  My favorite and my usual place for discovering and compiling family histories, is

Also,, a site that offers ways to locate your family’s military history.

If you are not savvy in searching databases, you are not out of the loop.  I have been helping individuals locate information that help and educate their families about their ancestors and health material related to their medical histories for some time.  Being a retired librarian has given me opportunities for searching and compiling information that aid individuals and nonprofit clients.  As for my family tree, I have located ancestors as far as plantation slavery.  I was fortunate to have found my great, great grandmother and father.  My grandmother told me to promise her that I would locate her grandmother whom she mourned so long as a little girl. I kept that promise and found a lot more.  Local libraries are a great source and help if you are considering your own genealogy search.  You can also hire or request professionals such as myself to assist you in your adventure.  Libraries usually have list of researchers and genealogist organizations and individual genealogist that you can request.

For more information contact the sites below:


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